Massive Debate As Burial Photos Of Popular  Player Hits Online And Spark Reactions-[SEE PHOTOS]

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The Ghanaian culture is well known for some bizarre and shocking burial rites.

Funerals are a big deal in Ghana and it is not uncommon, in some parts, for a ceremony to last up to seven days, drawing thousands of crowds adorned in flowing red and black robes and gold jewellery.

A majority of people are given send-offs According to what they previously participated in before they met their deaths.

Ghanaian footballer buried in boot-shaped coffin Before his burial, TV3 was paraded in front of people clothed in his former Kotoko club uniform for people to see.

TV3 was laid to rest in a soccer boot-shaped casket on Saturday in honour of his career-spanning stage presence.

In the same manner as the great Kwasi Wusu, the former left-back was laid to rest on November 7, 2020, in a football boot-shaped coffin after passing away in Sunyani.

After a brief illness, Yeboah succumbed to his death at the Sunyani Regional Hospital.

Ghanaian funerals are heavily symbolic and rituals involved include giving offerings to the spirits of the ancestors and loud traditional dancing and drumming to accompany the dead on their journey.


What do you have to say about this type of burial do you think it should be abolished completely please share your opinion.

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