Massive Celebration at Accra High Court after Rasta Student Wins Case Against Achimota School; Court Directs Schools To Admit Rasta Students -WATCH VIDEO

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 His family and friends within the fraternity were present at the court, reports in the media indicates.

Following the win, they went into wild jubilation.

The excitement could literally be touched in the atmosphere of the immediate precincts of the court after the court ordered the school to admit Tyrone Marhguy.

The Rastafarian who had gained admission to the Achimota School was turned away by the authorities there on the grounds that he was in dreadlocks.

This generated a lot of furore and discussions across the country.

Tyrone eventually took the school to court and won the case today.


Here is a video of how the Rastafari at the court celebrated the win:



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  1. Honestly, I don’t know what they were celebrating. I also don’t understand the ruling of the court.
    When you have been admitted to a school, you can only go to that school after you have met the school’s requirement criteria. These criteria is not religious discriminated. But your religion must not be seen on you nor must it describe you.
    Therefore the orders by the court must explain whether or not a schoo or any institution in Ghana can set it’s own standards and rules. Judges and lawyers must not wear wigs in court and nurses should not wear uniforms. It must also tell the Ghana Law school not to have any special standard nor criteria for students of that school. The security services recruitment schools shouldn’t prescribe any uniform to the recruits.
    This is the beginning of lawlessness.

    • The Constitution of the republic of Ghana is the supreme law of the land. All other laws are bye laws and they must be in subservient to the Constitution. Any bye law could have be in existence and even be practised for many years, nevertheless, when it comes under the scrutiny of the supreme law may be found to be an illegality. The Constitution stipulated clearly that every Ghanaian child should have access to education and that no child should be denied education on the basis of religious inclinations, gender, tribe, language or political affiliation.
      Yes, there are institutional rules and regulations that must be upheld when it is carry out in such a way that do not co conflict with the basic human rights enshrined in the Constitution of Ghana. Once they conflict with the Constitution of the land, they must give way to the Constitution.
      Yes, police, nurses and many others wear uniform even lawyers have their prescribed attire and we respect that. However anytime any of these cases come before a competent court of the jurisdiction and are found to deprive people of their fundamental human rights stipulated by the Constitution, such conducts must bow.

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