Marry Her If You See These Qualities In Her

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Nowadays choosing a lady as your wife has become little complicated. Some ladies rush into marriage because her friends are getting married, so she needs to marry as early as possible whiles she is not much ready for the journey.

It could be that some of these ladies lack so many things needed in marriage.

But my brother don’t be too quick to marry, only if you see these qualities then you need to marry her without wasting much time.


Most of the ladies however do not like praying. In fact if your lady pressure you to pray with her, you are lucky enough of have such lady.

Why? Because most of the ladies now follow how the world is moving, they like fashionable lifestyle, going outing, parties, night club you mention them. Of these they don’t have time for themselves and even ask you to pray with them

My brother advice yourself. Those ladies who like praying can help solving problems with you wherever you encounter problems in your marriage.


My brother if your lady do not give you many often not as a loan but free, advice yourself.

Most of the ladies give money to their partners only as a loan. Some have made to their partners that they don’t have money they always receive but not give. My brother asks yourself when you get broke, would that lady still be with you and how are you going to survive? Some ladies go out and buy things for their partners, giving money without asking it back.

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Such lady can help a guy in marriage. My brother don’t waste time.

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My brother not that she said yes to your proposal then you have gained everything. Does she understands your view when you are correcting her mistakes?

Does she argues with you often without buying your ideas? Know that sometimes you (guy) have to buy her ideas but when she persist arguing with you, then she may be difficult to buy your ideas.

Imagine arguing in marriage, do you think it’s good? Your neighbours will always hear your problems. Be careful on such lady my brother.


YEAH, I respect those ladies. They work, they feel the pain, they manage. Those ladies take responsibilities whenever there’s hardship in the relationship.

They help the guy without announcing to her friends.

My friends don’t waste time if you see such lady in your relationship.


Now check out your lady if she possesses these qualities, then be quick and go to home please.

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