Laptops Distribution: Aggrieved Teachers Send Strong Message To Ghana Education Service, Ministry of Education and Unions; Trouble Looms – See Statement

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A group of teachers known as Aggrieved Teachers of Ghana (AToG) has given the Ghana Education Service (GES), Ministry of Education (MoE) and Pre-tertiary Teacher Unions conditions on the TM1 laptops distribution.

In statement, the aggrieved teacher said, the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the Ministry of Education (MoE) (first part) and three teacher union leaders namely Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT) (second part) and K.A Technologies Ghana Limited (third part) on November 13, 2020 (Effective Date), for the third party herein known as K.A technologies Ghana Limited to supply a total of Two Hundred and Eighty Thousand (280,000) pieces of customized laptops together with technical training on the use of the devices and other virtual training devices in three equal terms within a period of 12 months starting from the effective date as stated in the memorandum.

The aggrieved teachers again refer to schedule 7 of the same memorandum of understanding of which it was agreed between the three parties that, the cost of the 280, 000 laptops is Four Hundred and Thirty-Four Million Ghana Cedis (GH¢434,000,000.00) at a unit cost of One Thousand, Five Hundred and Fifty Ghana Cedis (GH¢1,550.00) including all applicable taxes and charges.

Out of this, the parties agreed that, 70% of the unit cost should be borne by the Ministry of Education while the remaining 30% shall be borne by the Teacher Unions.

On 30th November, 2021 an amount of Five Hundred and Nine Ghana Cedis and fifty-five pesewas (GH¢509.55) was deducted from the salaries of all teachers for the same purpose.

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The teachers drawn the attention of GES, MoE and Teacher Unions to the fact that, barely after 12 months of the deductions, majority of teachers especially Basic School Teachers have not received the said TM1 laptops for which the deductions were made.

The Aggrieved Teachers of Ghana (AToG), in statement signed by its spokesperson Ohene Sarfo Appiah said, they are giving the Ministry of Education, the Three Teacher Union Leaders and K.A Technologies Ghana Limited up to the 20 of December, 2022 to provide them with the said laptops or refund their money with interest, failure of which shall withdraw all their services as teachers.

According to the teachers, in addition to that, they shall embark on daily demonstration across the country until their demand is met.

The Aggrieved Teachers hope the necessary attention it deserves in order to maintain peaceful atmosphere between government and teachers will be given to the subject matter.


Source: Operanews

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  1. Even the few laptops they distributed, they still remove the bag and ask you if you would buy the bag. Ohh Ghana when will God save us from this evil leadership?

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