Lady Runs Mad, B0nked Floor And Scatter Things In A Supermarket After Taking  Hard Drugs [WATCH VIDEO]

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An endowed lady has reportedly lost her mind and is displaying signs of insanity inside a supermarket.

Some scenes make us shy and take our breath away that we just can’t help but capture and share with the world. We know you are eager to know what this video is all about, just be patient and read on…


Lady runs mad in supermarket after taking an overdose of  hard drugs

Despite the campaign against hard drugs which is most common among the youths, still, some folks engage in it not minding the negative aspect of taking hard drugs.


Some even overtaking it just as in the case of this beautiful lady who can be seen disgracing herself in the video.

In a video that is gradually making the rounds on social media, a lady was spotted acting funny inside the market .

She was under the influence of hard drugs, according to the information gathered.


Watch the video below ;



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