JUST IN: Truth Finally Out; I Died and Resurrected after 5 Days – Rev. Anthony Boakye Of Resurrection Power New Generation Church Discloses, Drops Shocking Details

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The general overseer and senior pastor of Resurrection Power New Generation Church (RPNGC), Reverend Anthony Kwadwo Boakye, has disclosed that for five days, he was just a dead body.

Reverend Boakye, who had been missing from the public eye for several months, was said to be seriously ill.

Touching on his ailment in a recent sermon titled “Jesus Christ is the master and firstborn of all creations, so keep worshipping him because he has the power to deliver us from all problems,” the pastor disclosed to the hundreds of congregants that he died, and his body was kept in his room for five days.

“I am a living testimony…I have died and resurrected… Because of my strong faith in Him [Jesus], He resurrected me, when I died. If you have not heard it before, yes, I died. My body was kept in the house for five days. Here I am, alive and kicking,” he said in the video sighted by GhanaWeb.

He reiterated that he came back to life because he told his “father”, Jesus, that he was not ready to die.

“I told God that my time was not up, so he should send me back to the earth. I was told to come back because my time was not up. If you have faith in Jesus, you will resurrect from the dead just as He did, when He died,” he said.

He further shared his experience and a conversation he had with someone he met in heaven when he died.

“When I went to Papa [God], I met some people; they were only men numbering about 20. They were paraded and one spoke to me. He spoke Twi, and he told me he had a message for me that he wanted me to convey to God. I asked, Why me? He said this is heaven.

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“You Boakye, God likes you a lot. Your father likes you a lot. Your boss Jesus, and your Master, Holy Spirit. They all like you very much. So for them, anything you tell them, they listen to it very well…He said, when you kill your partner, you will also die in a maximum of 2 months…so he asked me to tell you that when you kill someone, you have only 2 months to live on earth…”

Reverend Boakye, who is not fully healed, now preaches to his congregation virtually from a remote location.

During the Sunday, August 21, 2022 church service, Reverend Boakye asked members of his church to help him pay for a new car he has acquired on hire purchase.

According to him, the car he purchased was one that was shown to him in his vision as the car he is supposed to return to church with.

“My father (God) came for me from this house I am currently in and brought me to church in a white car. What it means is that he is done with me here and I will soon be returning. So I have searched for the white car and I’ve found that particular car. I’ve acquired it on hire purchase,” he told his congregation.


He called on the members to contribute to the payment of the car while assuring that he will beseech God to bless those who contribute with their own cars.

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