JUST IN: Salary Contributions; Important Notice Serves To All Teachers Across The Country -Check Out All You Need To Know

GES Drops Very Important Announcement For The General Public; Parents, Students and Teachers -See More Details
GES Drops Very Important Announcement For The General Public; Parents, Students and Teachers -See More Details
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Check below the important notice served to teachers as scooped for our cherished readers.

*Important Notices:*

• A retiree contributor will benefit from *Tier 2* as his/her Lump Sum, and SSNIT which is mandated for the payment of monthly pension salary.

• Contributors who were in the Service before *2016* should note that on retirement, they have *Past Credit* (a sizeable Lump Sum to be collected from SSNIT) in addition to their *Tier 2 Lump Sum.* This is as a result of accumulated funds in a *suspended account* between 2010 and 2016 before the funds were released to the various Fund Managers.

• Contributors who were appointed in *2016* and beyond are not entitled to any *Past Credit* from SSNIT when they retire.

• Contributors “who have been born and reborn” (have different Dates of Birth at their work place and at SSNIT) whether deliberately or unintentionally, have created serious problems for themselves.

• Those who have the same dates as mentioned above, but have different date of birth on their *National ID*(Ghana) Card, have problems similar to those mentioned above. This is because any different Date of Birth, the system will recognize as different person; and as such, your accumulated contribution will be suspended in that account searching for its rightful owner who has metamorphosized with date of birth.

• With different Date of Birth on your Ghana Card which might be accidental, *you cannot claim your benefits after retirement.*

• Contributors who have problems as mentioned above, *should correct all those anomalies* in time before pension so that all the dates commensurate (tally) for easy claiming of benefits.

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• Periodically, contributors are urged to update their beneficiaries to effect the necessary changes.

• Tier 2 became operational without contributors been made to input any beneficiary as it pertains in SSNIT. This means many contributors below the age of *60,* have died in the last two years; and their Tier 2 Lump Sum were not claimed by any beneficiary due to that lapse.

• Your SSNIT beneficiaries *are not necessarily the same ones to used for your Tier 2.* You can make, omissions, insertions, maintain them all, or totally overhaul them.

• If the number of your beneficiaries exceeds FIVE (5), request for additional Form.

• There is NO limitation to the number of beneficiaries. However, ensure that your allocation of benefit sums up to 100%.

• If all the beneficiaries are minors, ensure that you include one adult (probably the mother / father of the children) who can make claims in your “catastrophic absence” through a Letter of Consent.

• Without any adult among the beneficiaries, in case of any misfortune (death of contributor), your Tier 2 Lump Sum will be withheld in your account till any of the minor beneficiaries attains the age of eighteen (18).

• Ensure that you input the correct Date (s) of Birth of your beneficiaries that correspond to those on their Birth Certificates; or the same dates used on the Form above will be used in the processing of the “ID (Ghana Card). Otherwise, they cannot make claims.

• Tier 3, which is voluntary by the contributor, shouldn’t exceed 16.5% of the contributor’s basic salary.

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