JUST IN: Arm Yourself, Heavy Thunderstorm From Togo To Hits These Parts Of Ghana -Check Out Latest Emergency Weather Report

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PAULLINGUAL.COM can confirm that per the document available, heavy rainstorm is expected to hit the Country, according GMA.

This communique released by the Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMA) this morning, dated 28th September 2022.

Today’s’ report is emphatic on the seriousness of the heavy thunderstorms with rains emanating from the nearby countries.

Per the Agency, there is currently a heavy thunderstorm coming from Benin toward Togo, and possibly into the country ( Ghana) this early hours of the morning.

It is worth noting that as a result, Eastern, Ashanti, Western North, and Greater Accra should anticipate more rain as the day goes by.

This release should inform the citizens on why the rains have not stopped since dawn.

As the day progresses, the intensity of the thunderstorms will blow across the country leading to cloudy conditions with slight rain in the northern part of Ghana.

Early noon will continue to see rain in the north this afternoon.

Yendi, Tamale, Wa, Bawku Damongo, and Nalerigu will all be affected by rain.

The general public must be on the lookout for the rains will come heavily today. This is according to the Ghana Meteorological Agency.

Again, the roughness of the seas remains as such. Due to this, fishermen should be aware of this.

Further, the sudden change in conditions of the weather is not subjected to the atmospheric conditions.

Usually, in Ghana, the rainy season is known to occur in June and July.


However, September has unexpectedly become a month full of rain. The GMA says referring “major” and “minor” seasons in June and July respectively, is not clear.

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