I’m 20 Years Old But People Believe I’m A Child Because Of My Shortness- Dwarf Lady- [PHOTOS]

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According to an interview with Afrimax English,the 20 year old Josephine was born with condition known as dwarfism and because of that she couldn’t grow taller.



Dwarfism is defined as shortness in height that results from a genetic or medical condition.A common cause of dwarfism is a genetic mutation that affects bone growth.Dwarfism itself is not a disease and, as a result, it has no single medical definition. Different organizations define dwarfism according to various criteria.

The 20 year old lady resides with her mother, however she has no young siblings to assists her with her everyday house tasks.

According to Josephine’s mother, Josephine couldn’t walk when she was a child.She was then taken to the hospital but she still couldn’t walk till she was 11 years old.


Despite all that she went through, Josephine is still a very young woman she hopes to give her family a better life, but she also revealed that she dreams of becaming a football one day.

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