I Will Expose Him and Let Everyone Know The Source of His Wealth- Angry Kennedy Agyapong Declares

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Report convened suggests that all is not well with the fire brand Honorable Kennedy Agyapong as he lashed out at those speculating falsehood about him.

Kennedy Agyapong says he is never weak in delivering information or going about his normal investigations, report culled from Opera News indicates.

His reason for the recent silence regarding such issues is the fact that the country is currently the priority and giving time to unnecessary issues.

Kennedy Agyapong says there are people who are going around spreading rumors and making false claims.

Kennedy Agyapong whiles responding to issues concerning him being involved in galamsey and many other illegalities in the country says it is funny to hear such things sometimes. Because he knows there is no way anyone can make money in this country and go scot free without being called names.

As for those saying these things I know them and I’m hard working man unlike them- he lambasted. He further spoke in a very angry tone and said, if I wanted to take this person on then I will expose him and let everyone know the source of his wealth.

Kennedy says there are men in the New Patriotic Party who are involved in these things and not only the NPP but the NDC too and all that he will do is to watch them and give them time to change.


He recounted on how Ghanaians or some politicians would take him to court if he speaks in such manner of any of them.

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