“I Was Born Without A V@gina, Cervix And Uterus” ; Beautiful Woman Reveals Sad Secret- [WATCH VIDEO]

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Julian Peter is a strong woman, But behind her infectious laughter is a story of battling a rare disorder. Julian was born without a vagina, cervix, uterus, and her ovaries are hardly visible. Julian has never received her periods and will never have children of her own, a condition she has now embraced.

She was taken to the hospital when she was experiencing leg pain. According to Julian, she claims to have been prematurely born at 7 months. In the village, her grandma utilized a natural incubator to raise her. She hadn’t seen her menstruation before.

The doctor asked her about her menstrual cycle when she went to the hospital to treat her leg pain. A scan was done by the doctor, and the results revealed that she doesn’t have a uterus, Virginia, and cervix altogether and can’t have sex or give birth, but she’s a girl.


The doctor suggested she undergo surgery to have Virginia, so she will be able to have sex, but she will never give birth because she doesn’t have a cervix and a uterus. Her surgery was successful; she’s now a woman, just that she won’t be able to give birth or get pregnant.


She is now able to have sex , despite the fact that she cannot give birth to children. She suffers a disorder after her surgery she can do everything except getting pregnant and giving birth.


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