I Killed Her Because She Dumped Me After I Got Her A Job And Everything- Man Confess

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A man has been convicted of the murder of a woman he had been dating. He said to the court that he killed her because she dumped him after he got her a job, got her an apartment , got her a resident card and helped her out in several ways.



A man who was angry that his girlfriend broke up with him after he fixed her life and got her everything she wanted has been arrested for her murder. He disclosed that he killed her because she dumped him after he did so much for her. He said he got her a job, paid for her rent and helped her get green card to stay.


He felt betrayed by his girlfriend after he spent years building her up from being an undocumented immigrant from becoming a citizen. She dumped him and moved on. In retaliation he stabbed her to death. Men should know help a woman financially doesn’t guarantee she’ll stay with you and marry you. I believe he has learnt his lessons and should be pardoned.

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