I Did A DNA Test on My Daughters, The Results Was Painful, It Was A Family Tragedy- Man Narrates

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A man by the name Alex has narrated how a secret DNA test turned his once happy family into a family tragedy. Alex, a business and content creator, was married for 11 years and never once thought he was raising another man’s child. In fact, Alex described his wife as a loving and caring woman and never suspected her of infidelity.

Alex said a lady chatted him up on Facebook one day, asking him to do a DNA test on his daughters to prove he’s not the father of his daughters. They are not his. His wife was cheating on him. Alex secretly took their toothbrush for a DNA test. He was told to come back in two weeks for the results. “The two weeks felt like a lifetime.” Alex said.

After two weeks, Alex went and collected the results. When he opened it, it was negative. He’s not the father of his loving three daughters. Alex was shattered. He drove home and started beating his wife. He beat her nearly to death. She fainted to the extent that his neighbours rushed her to the hospital.

After five days in a coma, she woke up Alex and asked her if he was the father of his daughters. She confirmed to him that he was not and pleaded for forgiveness. Alex left her and filed for a divorce. He loves his girls so much but can’t continue to train another man’s children. Now he regrets performing DNS test on her daughters.



A secret DNA test gave me the shocking revelation of my life. That my three daughters, Jane, Joy, and Valery, were not mine. I had been married for 11 years. Joy was 6 years old, while her younger sister Valerie had just turned 4, a week before I decided to conduct a secret DNA test on my two lovely girls. My wife, Rebecca, had been so loving and faithful, or so I thought.

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