‘How I Survived Numerous Ailments Even When Doctors Said I Wouldn’t Live Beyond 20 Years’-Man Revealed

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A Sickle cell patient, Olaniyi Alaka, has shared his health journey during an interview with Punch News. The 30-year-old narrated how he survived various health conditions after more than 80 admissions in the hospital bed.

Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a group of blood disorders typically inherited from a person’s parents. The most common type is known as sickle cell anaemia. The disease is taken seriously in many parts of the world as the 19th of June is celebrated every year as World Sickle Cell (SC) Day.

Speaking concerning his health ordeals, Olaniyi said, “The doctor told my mother that I was not going to live beyond the age of 20 because of my internal issues. I have faced multiple complications and challenges, I have had more than 80-bed admissions, two operations, and one surgery. At a point in my life, I fell from a tall building, and my nose burst wide open, they had to stitch my nose without anaesthesia. I also developed cataracts and myopia, I have been trying to correct my eyesight with glasses for 25 years. I was also diagnosed with pneumonia of the lungs and I was unable to breathe well, but I never let that put me down, I was a dancer at the time.”

Narrating further, Olaniyi added, “At another point in life, I was diagnosed with sepsis, an infection of the blood that can shut down multiple organs in the body. I was able to survive all these. I remember being in a coma for hours after falling and hitting my teeth on the staircase, I presently use plastic teeth. There was a time that a fan fell on my head and broke my skull from behind. I believe that there is something that my generation is waiting for its manifestation within me.”

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Olaniyi described himself as a motivation to thousands of SC patients while encouraging them to be brave. He revealed that he acts drama, motivates, and counsels school students regarding intercourse and cultism. Olaniyi explained further that stigmatization is a challenge often faced by sickle cell patients. According to him, the term ‘Abiku’ was often used to describe sickle cell patients during early times.

Olaniyi claims that he is a graduate of Osun State University, and he obtained a post-graduate degree from the University of Benin. He stated that he gives God the glory.


Click here to watch the interview.

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