Housemaid Cries Uncontrollably After She Was Gifted The House She Was Sent To Clean-[WATCH VIDEO]

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Cara Simmons, a single mother-of-three had the shock of her life when she was gifted a brand new house by her employer after she asked to clean the same house.

The coronavirus pandemic has been harsh and difficult for everyone across the globe. – Many people in the peak time of the virus lost their jobs and as a result, they had to face severe financial difficulties.


However, it is in such times that the world also witnessed one of the kindest and heart-warming sides of people at large.

A recent video went viral wherein a househelp is gifted a new house by her employer after she asked to clean the same house.

The lady, Cara Simmons was gifted the new house by her kindhearted boss in a pleasantly planned manner who described her in the video below as a hardworking lady.

Cara resides in Cleveland, US where she cleans homes passionately not minding the toll it had on her health, Goal Cast reports.

In a video shared by Daily Mail, the hardworking single mother of three arrived at the house but a lady who was part of the whole surprise set-up told Cara that there was no cleaning that needed to be done.

Instead, Cara was treated to different meal courses and tried out new wears.-After the nice treat, to Cara’s shock, the keys to the apartment were handed to her.


Watch the video below for more :

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