Here Are 3 Sleeping Postures That Can Cause impotence in Men

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Your body position during sleep can affect your spine and other areas of the body negatively. You’re probably playing a role in your sleep position if you wake with pain you don’t feel during the day.

Falls, violent acts, sports and recreational injuries, alcohol, and spinal illnesses in men can affect men’s potency. Besides the above reasons, poor sleeping posture can damage your spine as a man, which would affect your performance.

If you’re not positioned in a way that keeps your spine aligned and relaxed, you can put excess weight on different parts of your back. When you sleep, you should try to keep your spine as neutral as possible.

The damage to the part of the spinal cord in connection with your wife’s impulses would make a man powerless.

Here are the 3 sleeping positions that are not good for men:

1. The sleeping position such as lying on the back is best for men. Your weight is distributed evenly in this position and helps relax and prevent spinal injury.

2. Sleeping on your stomach as a man is not the best sleeping position as a man. By far, this is the worst sleeping position, especially for men looking to maintain their potency for a very long time.


3. Sleeping on your side is another good position for men. It also helps to relax your backbone from injury.

Just sleep gently, with your back positioned on your bed because this will increases your strength as a man.

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Don’t joke with your health, listen to this advice so that you will live a healthy life…


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