Heart Failure: Avoid Excessive Intake Of These Things To Prevent The Risk Of Being A Victim- [CHECK OUT]

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The most important and prominent organ in the body system is called the heart. It is responsible for many functions that take place in our body. However, heart failure is the most dangerous and leading cause of death in the world today. It is a disease that occurs as a result of any organ or functional defect that affects the function of the heart as a receptor for blood.

According to “Healthline”, most cases of heart disease occur as a result of consuming junk foods that contain different kinds of compounds. In this article, I will be enlightening you on diets you should reduce your intake of to prevent heart failure. They include.

Sugar and carbohydrates

Eating large amounts of salt, sugar, and refined carbohydrates increases your risk of heart attack or stroke. Although this does not mean completely refraining from adding salt or sugar to the diet of heart patients, they should be reduced as much as possible, and focus on eating healthy foods, such as fruits, heart-healthy vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, low-fat dairy products.


Red and processed meat

Among the list of prohibited foods for heart patients, are red meat and processed meat, although meat is a food rich in proteins, iron, zinc, and vitamins of group B necessary for physical health. But it contains large amounts of cholesterol and saturated fatty acids, which in turn increases the risk of increased symptoms of heart failure.


Table salt

It seems that our taste buds will not be satisfied, but salt can cause problems with blood pressure, if the blood pressure is too high, it may harden and narrow the arteries, which leads to increased chances of heart disease.

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Butter is on the list of forbidden foods for heart patients, as butter is one of the foods rich in saturated fats that can raise harmful cholesterol and increase the risk of heart disease. Therefore, it is better to replace butter with olive oil or vegetable oil, which contains monounsaturated fats

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