Guys, Check Out 7 Important Places Your Girlfriend/Wife Wants You To Touch But Won’t Tell You-[CHECK OUT]

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There are several spots on your girl’s body, she wishes you could touch her, but will never mention it to you. The only way you can notice this is by her reaction if you mistakenly touch those important places. As a guy, you must know these spots, and take advantage of them.


In this piece, I will be showing you some important places she wants to be touched, but will never tell you.

1. She wants you to touch her waist. If she doesn’t love you, she won’t give you access to her waist because the waist is a sensitive part of her body. It is only a girl who truly loves you that will allow you to touch her waist. When you gently touch her waist, there is this sensational feeling she gets.

2. Her ear. When you touch her ear, it will make her laugh a lot, and tickles her when you whisper to her in the ear. She will miss you so much when you are not with her because you make her feel loved.

3. She wants you to touch her hair and scalp. The hair and scalp are erogenous zones for some girls, and the scalp is an extremely sensitive region. You can slowly touch her hair and scalp. It will make her feel good and relaxed.

4. Her neck: When you touch her neck, she gets sensational feelings. Anytime she misses you, she touches her neck while thinking about you. You can also massage it often to ease off stress.

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5. Her face. You have to always look at your girlfriend every time and tell her how beautiful she is. When you are admiring her, don’t hesitate to touch her face, and let her know that she is beautiful without makeup. It will not only make her feel happy, but It will make her feel on top of the world.

6. Your girlfriend wants you to touch her back. Girls love being touched and kissed on their backs. Giving her a nice back massage after she returns from a hard day’s work will help to release her stress.


7. Her laps. You can’t just see a girl, and move to her, and start touching her laps. You will only touch the laps of your girlfriend. You can rest your hand on her lap, it will send a sensational feeling when you touched her.

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