Guys, Check Out  4 Tricks To Make A Woman Gets Addicted To You- [CHECK OUT]

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I know most of you are tired of chasing women or giving up on women. But reading this article will help you know how to make women addicted to you. Please note that these four tricks to make women addicted to you will work only on women who are not that real.

1. Planning a date far in advance

You should learn how to have patience when you meet a girl for the first time. Don’t rush to ask for a date. If you rush to plan for a date, she might think that you don’t value her or you see her as a low-class woman. The best thing to do is to plan a date far in advance. Put the date in the future. I bet you, you will make her addicted to you because she is going to be thinking that you approach her but you never ask for a date and she will be waiting for that day.

2. Challenge her on what you are looking for in a woman.

When I say challenge her on the kind of woman you are looking for, I’m not talking about beauty or curves but let her know that you want women who have ambition women who are ready to be a wife. If you let her know your mind, she is going to try hard to be that kind of woman you are looking for especially if she sees that you are rich. These are just tricks that I’m giving you if you want women to be addicted to you.

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3. Cut communication for sometimes.

If you want a woman to be addicted to you, you should cut communication with her for a while. You should delay replying to her text whenever she texts you. If you do that, she is going to be thinking that men on her list reply to her quickly but you don’t. She will see you as an alpha male. Women love alpha males.

4. Put her in the friend zone.


Putting a woman in the friend zone will let her want to always come closer to you. Because women love to have male friends who are always there for them. But if you don’t put her in the friend zone and you always show signs of interest I bet you she is going to distance herself. Because she doesn’t want to come closer to someone willing to have affair with her but if you use my trick by putting her in the friend zone, then she is going to be addicted to you.

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