God Is A Woman Not A Man: A Roman Father Says After He Was Resurrected

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Every day we always hear of new situations going on in this world in this case it has made this world very dangerous because of the news that we always hear.

A piece of news that has just landed and spread by the angle television of Ghana this afternoon is that a Roman father who was reported dead resurrected and said our living God is a woman but no a man so we should stop using him for God but rather use her.

It was reported that the man has a disease which he was admitted to the hospital and was being treated there but during the treatment, doctors reported that he was dead because his breath or heart is no more functioning which made the doctors reported his death.

According to the report, it was stated that as the doctors reported his death his family came for the body but unfortunately the doctors noted that his heart was working again which they instructed the family to wait for some time before sending the body to the mortuary or home.

According to doctors report about seventeen (17) minutes the man work up in tears saying the time they reported his death he was in heaven and due to that he saw God.


He started by revealing Gods identity by saying God is a tick tall woman like a giant sitting on her throne so we should stop saying God is a man but rather God is a woman.

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