Go For HIV Test Immediately If You Begin To Notice These 8 Signs In Your Body- [CHECK OUT]

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As known, HIV/AIDS is a deadly disease, and it can be more deadly if not properly handled. Hence, everyone needs to be aware of the facts surrounding it, and this includes the early signs and symptoms that will be noticed.

Several signs would be seen in an HIV patient, and if any of these signs are noticed, the person needs to go for an HIV test. Hence, we will be looking at eight (8) of such signs.

According to WebMD, below are the first stage signs and symptoms of HIV:

1. Fevers and sweats

2. Lack of energy

3. Weight loss

4. Repeated yeast infections (oral or vaginal)

5. Skin rashes or flaky skin

6. Swollen belly

7. Sore throat

8. Headache



Fever is usually the first sign of an HIV infection. Many people also experience other flu-like symptoms as the disease manifests itself two to four weeks after exposure. This early, acute phase of HIV can last up to several weeks.



Ensure you visit a doctor/physician if you’re seeing any of these signs.

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