Go For Blood Sugar Test Immediately If  You Begin To Notice These 5 Signs In Your Body- [CHECK OUT]

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The human body has a way of communicating with us whenever it has a problem, and these are known as symptoms. It is advisable not to ignore any unpleasant sign you notice in your body, as they may indicate the presence of an impending health condition. Going for a regular blood sugar test can actually help you to know your blood sugar level, which is particularly important for aged people and those who have cases of diabetes. In this article, I will be showing you five signs you might notice in your body when your blood sugar level is too high, according to Healthline.

1. Dry or itchy skin.


A healthy skin is supposed to be moisturized and supple. Having dry skin which is accompanied by an itchy sensation can indicate your blood sugar level is too high; hence you are required to go for a blood sugar test.

2. Fatigue.

Tiredness is a major symptom of ill health that shouldn’t be ignored. You are more likely to feel tired as a result of stress and other factors, but when it occurs frequently, your body is actually telling you that something is wrong. Diabetes is a dangerous disease that can get worse when not treated on time. Going for a blood sugar test at the onset of a symptom such as tiredness and fatigue helps in early discovery and treatment.

3. Extreme thirst and increased urination.


Experiencing excessive thirst and frequent urination is a sign that all is not well with your body. These two symptoms may occur as a result of excess glucose buildup in the body, which causes the liver to produce more urine in order to get rid of the glucose, hence leaving you thirsty. You are advised to book an appointment with your doctor if these two signs manifest in your body at the same time.

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4. Sudden weight loss.


Weight loss and weight gain that happens over a short period of time is actually not a healthy sign. When the glucose level in your blood is too high, it tends to increase fat burn which results in weight loss.


5. Tingling in the hands and feet.

This occurs as a result of nerve damage which is caused by high blood sugar, please don’t take this sign for granted.

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