Ghanaian Soldiers Win Big Fight At The Sea After Unexpected Attack

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The Ghanaian Military (soldiers) structure is made up of the Armed Forces (on Land soldiers) Air Forces ( soldiers in the skies) and Navy ( soldiers at the sea)

Now lets focus on Navy. As indicated above, The Navy Command is a branch of the Ghana Armed Forces which guards our territorial water borders. This section of the Military or Soldiers have received many praises from their superiors after showing their real energy and power at sea last night. They won a fight. Yes, they did.


According to Ghana Armed Forces Public Relations officer called Commander Andy La-Anyane in an interview last night, some pirates appeared from no where in a targeted attack at the Ghana Tuna vessel named as AFKO 80.

He added that, the crew were working in the deep night around the Aflao south sea boarders when the attack occurred. The well trained Ghana Navy had to show those pirates and Kidnappers that indeed they are powerful.

The Ghana side fought them physically with guns and tactics. The pirates were packed in speeding boats as they had no option than to run away. The Naval Staff Chief, Real Admiral Issah Yakubu added that, those pirates attacked them two times in the previous years.

” Anytime they conquer your vessel on the sea, they kidnap everybody on the vessel and demand ransom from government. These Kidnappers and pirates charge from $50,000 upwards.” Real Admiral Issah Yakubu told the media.


He added that, they are in talks with all the neighbouring countries like Togo, Mali, Cote Divoire, Nigeria and others to strategise on how to protect themselves from those Notorious pirates and Kidnappers.

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