Ghanaian Man ‘EXPOSES’ Doctors Who Are Into Removal and Selling Of Kidneys and Other Organs; Cautioned Ghanaians To Be Careful With One Big Hospital -WATCH VIDEO

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Shockingly, a viral video has caught much attention for having Ghanaian man captured in it alleging that some Ghanaian doctors have joined the selling of human parts business.

He stated categorically that patients’ kidneys and other important organs are removed and sold at a huge price by these Doctors.

The footage after hitting online attracts massive attention and also generates mixed feelings among Ghanaians.

Per the video seen, the unidentified man called out Ghanaian Surgeons for engaging in illegal human part business as they took out his family relative kidney without their knowledge.

According to him, his family relative was asked to undergo surgery of which they gave their concern which has nothing to do with his kidney.

However, after the surgery, the relative began having complications and was rushed back to the hospital for further investigation and diagnosis

After the investigation, it was discovered that one of the relatives kidney were removed when they didn’t give concern for kidney removal

Watch Video Below


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