Free SHS Students Captured On Camera Doing The Unthinkable During Entertainment Show-WATCH

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Per the video going viral on social media bares that entertainment shows in schools have now turn into something else.

For most mixed schools, it is very difficult for the male students to mixed with the female students unless classrooms or entertainment time.

As usual, the Male students have their boundaries as well as female students, it tough doing the forbidden.

Therefore students use the entertainment as a medium to do whatever they want to do. Some students chop themselves during the entertainment. Whatever the students cannot do ,they do it during the entertainment.

This is because during the entertainment they get the chance to mix together and there are no authorities to supervise the entertainment. From the footage students were captured on camera making out during entertainment.

From the footages below you could see students turned wild and turned the entertainment as a means to chop love or make out.

Students could be seen chopping love during the entertainment and they seem not to care about anything. The entertainment they sought to do turned into something else. Students were captured on camera making out in every corner.

I wonder if during entertainment teachers supervise it. For students if you don’t regulate and supervise whatever they do especially during entertainment ,the entertainment would turn into something else. The authorities should be much concerned during entertainments in schools.


Most of the entertainment are done in the evening and is very risky if there is no teacher to supervise.

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