Four Things A Girl Will Do If She Really Loves You-[CHECK OUT]

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1. She’ll start inquiring about your hobbies: once a lady starts having feelings for you, the first thing she will do is to make inquiring about your hobbies so she can know the things that you normally enjoy. Once a lady is doing such she is trying to know how you spend your time so she can join you to spend some quality time with you. Once she does she now already knows you engage your self to, so she can enjoy you some other time.

2. She’ll start hugging you instead of giving you a handshake: once you start noticing that a lady you normally shake when you meet, will start telling you she needs a hug just know she has started having feelings for you because the lady always believes in body contact. So once a lady has an interest in you she will start hugging you, even when you don’t need it she will force you too.

3. She’ll start posting your pictures on her status: some lady is shy they can’t walk up to you, to tell you how they feel about you so what they will start doing is to be posting your pictures on their status so you can be seeing it, just to get your attention and also send you a message that she has feelings for you, like a wise guy you will have to start making moves on her.


4. She’ll start buying you gifts: once a lady loves you she shows it by sending gift’s across to you. So as a wise guy when a lady starts sending unexpected gifts to you, she is trying to give you a song that she has an interest in you.

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