FOR MEN: See Some Reasons Why Your Manhood Will Reduce In Size And Activity If You Don’t Stop These Habits;Experts Warn- [CHECK OUT]

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The male organ is very vital in the life of males as it helps for reproduction and also carries out essential waste removal. There has been series of researches done to access the organ activity and a lot of conclusions have been drawn. Today in this article, we are going to touch on some common habits some men do for which they are negligent about in relation with their reproductive organ. This habits tends to reduce the size and efficiency of the organ rendering it somehow useless. Below are some of these habits you must try to avoid according to medical news today and mayo clinic;

1.Excess Alcohol Consumption: Alcohol is needed by the body to undergo many functions. It’s importance includes its ability to increase libido, appetite for food, release bunch of stress and others. But excess can cause great harm to your manhood as drinking high doses of alcohol tends to hinder normal erection as it inhibits the normal bodily fluids causing a fall in blood volume. This is why many men are impotent for they can not get erections as all other men can.


2.Smoking: This habit in subject has no known physiological importance for people practice it for their personal gains. Erection is dependent on blood circulation for which smoking really affects the operation of the cardiovascular system as their toxic make up builds up plaques in the vessel walls resulting in low blood supply to organs for which your manhood can be a victim. This habit can make your manhood shrink as well.



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3.Lack Of Usage: This phenomenon is kind of weird because our body naturally is designed to experience erections every morning. According to literature, depriving your manhood of its job can really affect its size and activity and this is why masturbation in deemed important in some literatures. This encourages the muscles and tissues to keep growing and expanding.

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