Female SRC President Caught Doing It With A Guy In A Temple -WATCH

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It is getting out of hand these days as a trending video showed an alleged SHS SRC president locking lips with boyfriend and happily showing it to the world on camera.

The video which saw the lady seriously praying during a prayer session also had her engaging in serious k!$$ing and enjoyment with her boyfriend.

Well, this video exceptionally cements the saying that today‚Äôs youth enter into temples without no core reason. I wonder why a students will have the courage to enjoy themselves in God’s temple.

The whole SRC president, instead of you to set example for other students to follow, you are rather enjoying yourself in the temple.

They were in the temple making out and unfortunately for them, they were caught on camera during the act. They were busy enjoying themselves in one temple forgetting what would happen to them if they are caught. I wonder what the teachers and authorities are going to do these students.

They deserve to be punished. It is a disgrace to the school and the family. It is even a disgrace to them. What they have done may come back in future to hunt them.

These students have really disgraced God and the school. For students to enjoy in the school is not acceptable.



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