END Times Generation: See What This Grown Up Lady Did In Public That Got people Angry-[SEE PHOTOS]

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Africa has always been known as the most decent continent in the world, but this present generation has changed that narrative because most of our youths are the ones doing immoral things without feeling shameful about it. People are starting to believe now that the world may be coming to an end because of the strange things that are happening every day. We experience different things every day, and it is very bad to imagine that our own continent is full of these indecent lifestyles.


It is clear that indecent dressing is on the rise in Africa, but despite most African countries not supporting it, people are still dressing like that publicly. This lady was seen in the market wearing a revealing outfit. The market people were staring at her as if she had committed a big crime.

I do not know what motivated her to wear such indecent clothes in public, but this is not the way our women should behave, especially in public where a lot of people might be watching. There are many ladies out there who also dress this way, but it is only when they are seen that you begin to wonder what they enjoy so much in putting up such immoral acts.


The people around the market could not believe their eyes. Some people were so angry with her that they had to challenge her. The government needs to be more strict with the law against indecent dressing if we are to see the end of it because the younger generations are watching and this type of immorality is not good for what the African continent represents.

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