End Times Christians: Man Spotted Grinding Lady In Strip Club Captured Leading Praises And Worship In Church- [WATCH VIDEO]

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A shocking video that captures a man leading a church service shortly after hitting the club to party with friends and strippers has caused a massive stir after surfacing online.

In the two-part video put together by netizens, the man whose name is not yet known is first seen aggressively grinding on a half-naked lady.

Church man grinds stripper in a club


Clad in a yellow two-piece exotic stripper dancewear, the woman can be seen bending over in a doggy-style position to serve her butt to the man for a better experience.

As hilarious as it could be, the man is captured in the second part of the footage singing praise songs like a spirit-filled worship leader in front of a large congregation in an undisclosed church.

Watch the video below

The video which appears to underline the stinking hypocrisy shrouding Christians has sparked outrage among the Christian community and incited criticism from neutrals on social media.


It is unclear when the two clear-cut incidents took place, but the video that has spun on social media will certainly leave the man with questions to answer to his church leaders.

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