Early Morning Erection: See What It Means & Everything Men Should Know  About It -[CHECK OUT]

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Early morning Erection is one thing that has been given different explanations that don’t really reflect what it’s about. Some people believe that the reason why some men wake up with an erection is that their bladders are full or they had dreams that had to do with intimacy but all these are false claims.

So in this article in line with a publication on WebMD, we are going to have a look at some facts about early morning erections otherwise referred to as early morning wood and why men should be glad when they experience it. Just sit tight and enjoy this article while learning something new.

What is Early Morning Erection Actually Called?

It is called nocturnal penile tumescence and it is a situation whereby a man wakes up in the morning with an erection. Unlike what many believe that it’s due to full bladder or dreams, it is actually a nervous system reaction known as parasympathetic nervous system reaction and every man including a newly born baby can have an early morning Erection. Fun fact is that even babies that are in the belly, also have this morning erections.

It is usually nothing to worry about in most cases but in rare situations, it can be an indication of a condition especially if the erection lasts for more than an hour after you have woken up. But if you often wake up with an erection, you don’t have to be scared or buy such ideas that you are having dreams that are intimate or you’re unclean, it is perfectly healthy biologically and even very good.


The question is, why should men be glad about having early morning erections? The reason is simple, it shows a man can achieve an erection when need be and a sign that everything is healthy with a man’s reproductive system.

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