DRAMA: Watch The Moment ‘Newly-Built’ Bridge Minister Was Commissioning Collapses- [WATCH]

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A supposedly newly-built bridge collapsed while the minister in charge of the project was commissioning it.

The minister and his entourage were there not only to open the bridge for public use but to watch it fall apart.

What could be the reason?

Well, according to reports, the Minister did not use the right materials in constructing the bridge, so it was not fit for purpose.

The bridge was weak due to the poor job the contractor did on the project, which was supervised by the Minister.

The money which the minister was supposed to pump into the project in order to build a stronger bridge for the area was reportedly pocketed.

This resulted in the construction of a bridge that could not even support about 10 people who stood on it during the commissioning.



In a video making the rounds on social media, the minister, who was all dressed up in a suit, and his entourage had to be saved when the entire bridge came crashing down due to the slightest impact.


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