DRAMA: “I Will Not Pay The Hospital Bills, The Child Is Too Ugly To Be Mine”- Man Fights Nurses- PHOTO

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“I’m not going to pay the hospital bills, the baby is too ugly to be mine”- Man fights Nurses

In a Facebook post discovered by Jhuxtelloitech.com, the man published a photo of his newborn son, saying that the infant is not his and that he is unable to pay the hospital cost.

As a result of a Nigerian man allegedly refusing to pay the hospital costs of a newborn baby, social media has been thrown into chaos.

According to information reaching us from Nigeria, one Nigerian Facebook user, whose identity has been hidden, has made quite a commotion on the internet.

In the news, a Nigerian facebook user has rejected his newborn baby’s hospital billing request.

I’m not going to pay the hospital fees because this baby is just too ugly to be mine.

The dad claims that the infant is too ugly to have been conceived from his sperm, thus he will not pay the hospital fees.


He believed he had nothing in common with the child in terms of appearance in order to accept him as his.



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