Drama Erupts At A Wedding As Bride’s Wig Falls Off After Groom Takes Her Down To The Ground For A Kiss-[WATCH VIDEO]

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Viral video : They say laughter is food for the soul and this painfully hilarious video will leave you in stitches.

Don’t you just love when the groom is totally expressive and full of humour! You already know, for us, we love everything extra juicy and spicy.



This groom got hitched with the love of his life in a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony. Time to kiss his bride and he went all extra on us!

No, don’t try to picture it – there’s no adequate description of how extra this groom is and we totally love to see it.

One thing is certain, you’ll be wearing a huge smile from the very first second of the video and then burst into laughter as it progresses.

Now here’s a tip – you won’t be able to stop at one view! It’s guaranteed, this hilarious groom and his beautiful bride will totally make your day.


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