Drama Erupts As Woman And Her Family Stormed Church To Beat Husband As He Marries Another Woman- [WATCH VIDEO]

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Family of a wife has stormed a church to attack husband who was marrying another woman.

Family of a wife has stormed a church with marriage certificate to stop a wedding between the husband and another another woman.

Over the weekend, a wedding at a church in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone was more dramatic than a movie set when a group of people stormed the church to halt the wedding.

The wedding was between a lawfully married man and another woman.

The family of the man’s wife on hearing about this wedding stormed the church with marriage certificate.

They came to halt the wedding with marriage certificate to proof to the officiating Bishop that the man is already married to their family member.

The elders of the church and the officiating Bishop read the marriage certificate and called off the marriage.

When the husband was leaving the church, he was mobbed by some of the family members of his wife.



His groomsmen managed to protect him and gave him a safe passage to escape.

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