Drama Erupts As Student Fights His Teacher Dirty Over A Girl- [WATCH VIDEO]

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A video that has caught the attention of many internet users captures the moment a high school student bravely fought an invigilator for trying to snatch his girlfriend from him.

According to reports, the teacher has been harassing the student’s girlfriend for some time now despite the fact that she has told him n countess occasions that she has a boyfriend on campus.

With the persistent harassment, the girl told her boyfriend who decided to face the teacher as a man in a bid to protect his property.

The student aggressively started a fierce fight with the teacher after he came to look after them for an examination.


Student fights teacher over a girl

The fight was recorded by some of the students who were present at the scene. Apparently, the student gave the teacher the beating of his life.

This incident is said to have happened in one of the high schools in South Africa.

Watch the video below to know more…

I blame the teacher for not respecting himself and acting as a professional. Why would he want to date a student he teaches in the first place if he has self-respect?


He’s part of the bad nuts in the education sector promoting indefinite amongst students. The law must ruthlessly deal with him.

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