Drama Erupts As Groom Cries Uncontrollable Like A Baby At His Wedding And His Reason Will Amaze You-[WATCH VIDEO]

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A groom caused a scene on his wedding day as he cried so much in the presence of his guests and friends.

Needless to say, getting married is one of the most important moments of a person’s life, an event laden with myriad of emotions and excitement.

It is also said that women express their emotions well during wedding ceremony unlike men who are considered experts in hiding them.

However, with changing times, men have also started expressing their emotions – happy or sad. This new video is a living testimony of that.

In the short video shared by Sorce Photography on Instagram, the groom kept on shedding tears softly while his mother held onto his waist.

The groom’s mother with teary eyes watched on as her son continued to wipe of the tears from his with the back of his hand.

The master of ceremony didn’t help matters as he hyped the situation while guests stared with mixed feelings evident on their faces.


Watch the video below:



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