Drama Erupts As Friends Fight Over A Rich Guy’s Number Inside The Mall- [WATCH VIDEO]

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In the viral video, the two female friends identified as Victoria and Gold were seen shopping at the mall when a guy identified as Mark approached them.

Mark who was obviously interested in Victoria asked for her name as well as that of her friend, Gold.

However, Mark, while trying to express his interest in Victoria in front of her friend Gold dropped some massive pickup lines which made Gold also fall in love with him.


Mark while speaking with Victoria asked, “Is your name joy?”

Responding, Victoria said, “No, my name is Victoria.”

Reacting to Victoria’s response, Mark further said; “Do you know why I asked, actually your shape is giving me joy.”

Undoubtedly, the pickup line by Mark captured the heart of Victoria who could be seen rubbing her hands on her body and that was just the beginning.

Going straight to the point, while Gold watches on, Mark said he wanted to be Victoria’s boyfriend, he added that he wants to be the one that satisfies her every day and makes her cum every night.

He later requested her number and she gave it to him.

Gold, Victoria’s friend who was keenly observing all that was going quickly exhibited her jealousy and decided to offer Mark the wine she bought.

Mark however couldn’t refuse as he accepted the champagne from Gold using the red cup, then he further dropped some compliments asking if the wine is as sweet as she is as a woman.

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Mark who is known for his pranky ways hilariously remarked that after tasting the champagne he will taste her too.

Gold reacted, “Taste Me?”, then she later accepted to be tasted and gave him her number.

Victoria in return couldn’t find it funny anymore and began to wonder how a man who just took her number had also requested that of her friend.

Victoria who wasn’t feeling comfortable anymore decided to fight for her place in Mark’s heart as she also said, “We are all very sweet”


Watch the video below to know more…


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