Drama Ensues As Fake Lawyer Arrested In Court After Representing A Client On A Murder Case-[SEE PHOTOS]

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A 39 years old man has been arrested by the Nyinahini Police for faking as a lawyer and representing a client on a murder case. Serlom Agama has been charged with a murder case and was facing trial at the Nyinahini magistrate court. The case was presided over by Her Ladyship Victoria Akornor. During the first trial, the fake lawyer Kyei Baffuor represented Serlom in court.

During the second trial, the judge saw some irregularities in the action of the Lawyer. She became suspicious of the lawyer and conducted investigations on him. The judge investigated from The Ghana Bar Association and Ghana legal council to find out if Kyei Baffuor was indeed a lawyer of the Ghana Bar Association. After the investigations, t was revealed that Kyei Baffuor was not a lawyer. During the third trial, the judge questioned Kyei Baffour if he was indeed a lawyer.

He replied that he was and was called into The Ghana Bar Association in the year 2015. He claimed he was given the code EAR21053/21 as his membership code. Her ladyship Victoria Akonor broke the news to him that he had been investigated and it was found out that he was not a lawyer. Kyei Baffuor then disclosed that he had lived in California, America for long while and he did a short course in law.


However, he tried writing entrance exams into the Ghana School of Law but he failed. He was arrested there and taken into custody by the Nyinahini Police. The judge declared that he will be taken to the Nkawie Circuit Court within 24 hours for trial. His client, Serlom now has more trouble at his hands as he now dealing with his murder case and as well as that of bringing a fake lawyer to represent him in court.

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