Drama Ensued As Slay Queens Fight Dirty Over Money Sprayed At A House Party-[WATCH VIDEO]

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A group of slay queens who move together like a pack of hyenas wasted no chance when some ballers decided to spray wads of cash at a party to flaunt their financial muscles.

A short video shared on Instagram has shown some beautiful ladies shunning self-pride as they rushed to pick money sprayed at a house party.


Throwing all caution to the wind, the slay queens never minded that some of their wigs could be off in the process of struggling to catch the raining notes.

They searched for the notes under the tables and almost kissed the floor while trying to look for any note available.

A guy who was captured during the melee stood on a platform as he watched the cash-starved ladies vying for pickings.

The video has generated many reactions among social media users as many said the ladies showed their true selves when faced with money.

Interestingly, such slay queens spend most of their time behind the keyboard trolling broke men.


Watch the video below:


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