Drama As Young Man Receives The Beating Of His Life From A Policeman For Beating His Girlfriend- [WATCH VIDEO]

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A Police Officer has been caught on camera landing a series of brutal slaps on his friend .

From the conversation in the video, the Policeman assaulted his friend because he beat up his girlfriend who had come to visit him.


The Policeman is heard saying that he has warned his friend against beating his woman but the friend insisted that she was stubborn and had also assaulted him.

The Policeman then issued some hot slaps on both cheeks of his friend and ordered him to follow him to the Police station.

He also ordered the young lady to follow him in order to report the issue to the Police and write her statement.

This video has received mixed reactions from Ghanaians. Some social media users have applauded the police officer for dealing with the guy.

Others have also chided him for putting the law into his own hands and going overboard in the process.


Watch the video below :

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