Drama As Men Gets Up-Close Dance From Ladies While Cutting Their Hair At Swanky Barbershop- WATCH VIDEO]

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The internet has erupted after videos surfaced online showing the special treatment that men are being given at a barbershop in Kenya.

Competition is stiff among Nairobi barbershops, and a few are embracing a new trend to attract male clients.

Barbershops are now getting women to dance for clients as they are attended to, a move that has elicited debate.

One of the most famous establishments is run by a lady named Frida Mwende and is located at Kamakis.

Mwende, whose b╬▒rbershop only serves men, recently shared a video dancing for a client as he received a haircut from a female barber she employs.

The move, common among barbershops in the US, has elicited debate online. Kenyan men expressed varying opinions about women suggestively dancing for men in kinyozis.


Watch the videos below:


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