Drama As Man Walks Away With Another Lady After His Girlfriend Proposed Marriage To Him At A Party-[WATCH VIDEO]

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Romantic proposals are the stuff of dreams. Well, as long as they go according to plan.

For this lady, it didn’t go to plan. In fact, it was disastrous because her boyfriend walked away from her and left her stranded.

A video of the woman’s public proposal has surfaced online. She is first seen going on her knees to propose.

The boyfriend who was left shocked at the gesture of the lady (his girlfriend) stood to stare at her.

He later shook his head and grabbed another lady and they both made to walk out much to the shock and dismay of the people present.

As the man and the other lady approached the exit door, a man believed to be the father of the lady who proposed, jacked his daughter’s boyfriend and questioned his actions.

Guests at the party were also left in shock as the guy’s reaction to the proposal ruined what was supposed to be a beautiful moment.

It is not clear where the event took place and the identity of the woman is not known but the video has started going viral already.


Watch the video below :


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