DRAMA: Angry Lady Gave Out Multiple Slaps To A Random Guy During Hot Argument – [WATCH VIDEO]

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After the infamous Lucknow slap incident, another similar video of a girl slapping a guy has surfaced on social media.

A young man was subjected to physical abuse by a lady but decided not to retaliate on the spot.


According to the gentleman, the reason he decided to watch on sheepishly as the lady dished out the slaps on his cheeks was he did not want things to escalate.

A video gives an account of the man being dared by the lady who went on to slap him multiply. The guy did not react but instead smiled at the action of the lady as she was whipped away.

“Are you stupid, are you mad, what sort of insult is this. You dey craze?” – The lady angrily said as she slapped him.

Many believe the narrative would have been different if the man was the first to have attacked the woman.

Although, he failed to react, many believe he should have shown the lady where power lies.


Watch the video below ;

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