Don’t Allow Your Woman Do These Three Things During Her Period-[CHECK OUT]

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Most times men feel less concerned about the health issues that concern their woman. They don’t mind how their woman is faring and how well their woman is looking after herself. This is wrong, a lovely man shouldn’t be self-centred, he will always be there to educate his woman on how to maintain good hygiene. So many women find it hard to take care of themselves because they are only limited to the little knowledge they have on their own.

Educating your woman on what is best for her makes it easy for her to maintain a good hygiene. Women who don’t properly take care of themselves become vulnerable to certain diseases and health conditions. If you want to be the best you can be for your woman you should learn to promote her in overall well-being.


During this period, women deserve special care, and as a lovely man, you should do everything possible to provide her with all the support she needs during this period. Women suffer certain complications during this time depending on the nature of their menses, some women feel severe pain during this period. This pain can be so severe that they can’t stand or walk properly or engage in their normal activities as they used to. some women get infected with germs and bacterial due to poor menstrual hygiene and when they fail to treat themselves, they suffer more complications. There also women feel less pain during their period.

You should be able to tell how your woman is feeling during her period. And you should help her out in providing solutions that will help reduce the risk of complications during her period. There are things you shouldn’t allow your woman to do during her period. Engaging in such activities will increase her risk of complications that may be life-threatening. If you love your woman and care about her health you should stop her from doing things that will cause her certain health problems during her period.

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Here are three things every man should stop their women from doing during their period. 

#1. Don’t allow her to eat more sugary foods during her period. Most women complain of severe menstrual cramps during their periods. Some of the things they eat during their period increase their menstrual pain and make them suffer more during their menses. Sugary foods and beverages increase menstrual pain. You should stop her from eating foods with high sugar content or drinking sugary sodas.

#2. Don’t allow her to use a sanitary pad for too long. Women are advised to change their sanitary pads at least three times a day. Doing this reduces their risk of developing dangerous complications during their period. Using a sanitary pad for too longs aids bacteria and germs to bread in the virginal area due to contaminated blood that stores in the diaper for too long. When these germs and bacteria get into the vagina, they cause serious health complications like fungi and bacterial infections. Changing your diaper frequently helps in reducing the risk of these diseases. You should educate your woman on this to help her understand the risk involved.

#3. Don’t allow her to use painkillers without a doctor’s prescription. Some ladies buy over counter drugs just to reduce menstrual pains. Most times these drugs have negative effects on our body. If your woman does this she is risking her life. Instead of risking her life, you should take her to the hospital for proper medical care.


Note: If you love your man and want her to stay healthy always you should educate her on these three things.

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