Do You Know Diabetes, Fibroid, Epilepsy, Convulsion And Many More Can Be Cured With This Recipe?- [CHECK OUT HOW]

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1. Diabetes:

Extract of the fruits of the Aidan Plant is used to treat diabetes and its complications such as Oxidative Stress and Hyperlipidemia. The leaves, roots, and bark can also be added for optimal performance.

2. Asthma:

Asthma is an inflammatory disease of the airways and the lungs. Aidan fruits can be used to treat all categories of Asthma.

3. Arthritis:

Tetrapleura tetraptera aqueous extract possesses anti-inflammatory and hypoglycaemic properties which are highly effective in the prevention, management, and treatment of Arthritis.

4. Fibroid:

Aidan fruits are highly effective in the prevention, shrinking and total treatment of fibroids in women. Women who use Aidan fruits to spice up their foods rarely develop fibroids. Those who already have fibroids can use Tetrapleura tetraptera to shrink them.

5. Epilepsy:

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder, involving the central nervous system in which brain activities become abnormal, most time leading to seizures and lack of awareness. The wonder plant, Aidan fruit is used to treat Epilepsy. The Result of a Study published in Phytotherapy Research concluded that T.T is highly potent in the treatment of Epilepsy.

6. Convulsion:

Different studies have revealed that extract from Aidan fruits possesses anticonvulsant properties which are the reason for its inhibitory effects on the central nervous system.

7. Leprosy:

Leprosy is an infectious disease that affects the skin, arms, legs and some nerves. Tetrapleura tetraptera extract is used to treat leprosy in many local communities.

8. Hypertension:

Extract from the fruits, leaves, roots, and bark of the Aidan plant is used to prevent and control high blood pressure. It is also very effective in improving the oxidative position in a salt model of hypertension patients.

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9. Immune System Booster:

Aidan fruits contain key minerals and vitamins such as Zinc, Iron, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium etc. These essential minerals and vitamins help to optimize the body’s immune system. They protect the body against viruses, regenerate blood cells, and ensure optimal performance of our bones and muscles.

10. Anti-Aging Properties:

Those who wish to continue to look young, especially women, must make Aidan fruits their friend, and use them to spice up their foods each time they are cooking. The pod contains Polyphenols, Flavonoids, Tannins and Alkaloids which are antioxidants that protect our body from free radicals and oxidative damages responsible for ageing.

11. Post-partum (after delivery) Recovery:

The greatest health benefit of this plant is the quick recovery of newly delivered mothers. Aidan fruits are used to prepare soups and yam porridge for women immediately after they are put to bed to prevent post-delivery contraction. Aidan fruit with its magical properties is the single most effective ingredient in post-delivery recovery.

12. Schistosomiasis (Snail Fever)

Aidan fruits are highly effective in the treatment of the infectious disease known as Schistosomiasis, caused by the parasite, Schistosoma.


Information about the health benefits and magical properties of Aidan fruits are all over the internet. You will see many research works on the subject. Do yourself little favour by doing little research on the name, Aidan fruit.

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