Do These 7 Things Immediately After Having S3x…You’ll Thank Me Later- [CHECK OUT]

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Things To Do Immediately After Having S3x

In fact any time it comes to the passion play, we all know what we need to do.

The teases, the foreplay, applying protection, feeling safe… all of this is something we are confident about.

But are you privy to the things to do once you are done with the act?


Here are some key things to remember to keep your sexual health in check after having s3x.

1. Clean Up

We are not asking you to have a shower (cause most of the times, that tempts you for a round two), just stick to cleaning your v@ginal area.

Always use mild soap and water to clean the area around the vagina as harsh soaps can cause some serious damage.

2. Pee

Since our urethra is closer to the vagina, it may get infected during sex.

So once you have done the deed, excuse yourself and go to the washroom and pee!

Even a Trinkle will do the work, as all you need to do is push out whatever may have gotten inside the urinary tract.

3. Drink Water

S3x is definitely an exercise and you need to keep yourself hydrated post the act! Water is amazing for your body to help hydrate after all the sweating.

This also allows you to have more water content to pee and remove whatever bacteria or infections that could be blocking your urinary tract.

4. Ice The Area

If you had a firey rough play and have done it after a while, you might want to use cold compression on the area.

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This is because right after sex, there is a lot of blood that is rushing to your labia (after all, it just received some extra love) so you want to use cold compressions, like ice wrapped in a hand towel, to make sure that the area around your vagina doesn’t feel irritated (aka itchy as hell)!

6. Be Careful Of The Breaks

Always check the condom for breakage. If the condom breaks and you are not in the baby-having stage then the best thing to do is contact your gynaecologist.

She will suggest the right morning after pill and the things you need to do to be careful.

If you had s3x with a new partner or if it was a one night stand, then along with the rest, you should also get yourself tested for STD’s or at least have a talk with your doctor about it.

6. No Pain, Loads To Gain

After sex, if you experience discharge or bleeding or any kind of pain that persists, consult a doctor.

“Don’t ignore abnormal bleeding or discharge after s3x—it could be a sign of infection or a lesion of your reproductive tract,” says New York-based fertility expert Dr Sheeva Talebian.

7. Loose Is The Key

After s3x, it is ideal to wear loose clothing. Cotton is your go-to fabric.


This is because, after getting all the action, when everything is all hot and sweaty, bacteria and yeast find their playground. So to avoid catching anything, wear comfortable clothing with fabrics that allow air to pass through easily.

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