Do These 5 Things To Your Wife/Girlfriend After Having S3x With Her-[CHECK OUT]

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Many men do not know how to handle their women and bring out the best in them. Don’t you know that a well cherished and adored woman glows? When you treat your woman right, she in turn returns the favour by making you the center of her world.

After making love with your wife, please do the following things for her.

1. Cuddle your wife. Rather than rolling over to claim your half of the bed, hold your partner close. Cradle them in your arms and gently nuzzle their neck or stroke their hair. Chances are you’ll drift off into a peaceful slumber together after a while, providing the perfect end to your night.

If you’re both still feeling energetic, you can watch a little TV, listen to music, or talk and joke with one another while you’re snuggled up.

2. Let conversation unfold naturally. When you do resume talking, do it in an organic fashion. Relax, be yourself, and speak only when you have something worth saying. Complimenting your partner on their performance or asking something as simple as how they’re feeling can be a good place to start.

Try not to let your line of questioning come off like an interrogation. You’ll be putting them on the spot by asking things like “Did you like when I did this?

3. You must inquire as to whether or not she is satisfied. Selfishness is not something to be proud of. You must take care of her as well, because her happiness and contentment are of the utmost importance to you.

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When it comes to your wife, don’t only be self-centered; be generous and selfless. Ask her if she enjoyed it or not if she’s satisfied and happy. Try and find out her mind and know how to up your game if required.

4. Don’t just get up and leave your wife on the bed after having sx like she’s a whore. Man that woman needs you why leave her her? she’s your wife. Spend some quality time with her and let her know how much you loved spending time with her.

As a result of spending quality time together, you and her will get closer as a couple, which is what every relationship aims for. So man you must be a romantic gentle man if you want your wife to love and worship you. You must be a romantic husband.

5. In the morning, if possible, make her breakfast while she’s still in bed and bring it to her.


That’s the most romantic thing I can think of. Her blushing, her feeling adored and like she’s on top of the world will be brought about by this.

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