Dear Men: Stay Away From These 5 Types Of Women If You Want To Live Long And Happily- [CHECK OUT]

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The wrong woman can destroy you, she can make your life a miserable one. Samson thought Delilah was a blessing to him only for him to be destroyed by her.

This is the real sign for all men that not all the beautiful girls you meet are there to help you some are there to destroy your life.
The fact is that if God wants to bless you he sent someone into your life and that’s how Satan use to work too.

To destroy Samson in the bible, it took only Delilah, not hundreds of soldiers, but only one woman. Women are more powerful than some weapons you know.

Please don’t marry these 5 types of women

1. A liar: No matter how you correct a woman that use to lie she can never change, a liar can destroy your life and the life of your children if you are not careful, she can mislead you.

2. Stay away from a woman who is not spiritually mature: Please if you want to marry don’t marry a woman that can not pray, don’t marry a woman that can not follow you to church, don’t marry a woman that cannot fast, please if you marry this type of woman it will affect your marital life and your spiritual life.

3. Don’t marry a woman who lacks emotional maturity: Don’t marry a woman that lacks control, a woman that is always boring, she can contribute to a very important discussion, my brother stay away from this type of woman.

4. Stay away from a woman that is not financially mature: Don’t marry a dependent woman, don’t marry a woman that can not work, a woman that always depends on the man before she can buy anything please don’t marry this type of woman, find a woman that is doing something to survive, don’t marry a lazy woman.


5. Stay away from a nagging woman: Everyone has his/her weakness but too much of a thing is not good, please any woman that nag because of a small thing, please don’t marry her this can lead to domestic violence. Please be careful.
Marriage is a long-term contract and is an institution that you can graduate from, you need to be prayerful before you choose a life partner.

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