Dear Men, Avoid Women With These Five Characteristics-[CHECK OUT]

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Naturally, there are different attributes that different men find attractive in women. Such attributes may include humbleness, honesty, intelligence or even being a good cook. Ladies definitely exhibit quite a number of admirable traits that sometimes men are tempted to overlook the red flags that these ladies exhibit. Below, I am going to discuss some traits that men should beware of.


1. Pride

Pride may come in diverse forms. A lady that refuses to honour or respect a set of people just because she is more financially capable than they are is a proud woman. Women with these characters try to defend themselves by saying they are trying to avoid disrespect or to create a class for themselves. These types of women find it difficult to respect people and humble themselves and it is a trait that will ruin any form of relationship.

2. Excess Love for Money

A woman that excessively loves money will do ultimately anything to have it. Excess Love for money ruins not only a person’s character but also relationships. A woman that loves money too much might end up cheating or doing some more dubious things when in a relationship with any man that is not able to meet her financial needs at all times.

3. Always wears MakeUp

I know a lot of people, most times, don’t see anything wrong with this but it is a very bright red flag a lady can exhibit. Of course, there is nothing wrong with wearing makeup but a woman that always has makeup on is most likely suffering from low self-esteem. She thinks that she does not look good without makeup and is not confident about her own self. A woman that feels insecure about her looks will most likely feel insecure about a lot of other things which may include her partner.

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4. Stinginess

While relating with women you seem to have an interest in, always try to find out if they are ever willing to give. No woman that does not give before a relationship begins will give after the relationship starts. Any woman with this trait never looks forward to helping her partner but will have a sense of entitlement to what the partner owns. It will be very disastrous to a relationship if this trait is ignored in a prospective partner.

5. Secrecy


This particular trait is quite seen as normal but it is not always a good one. A woman that is always secretive about everything is quite unhealthy to be within a relationship. She will not be open about whatever is going on with her and then it breeds trust issues and we all know that is one thing that breaks relationships faster than anything.

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